MasterChef SA kicks off with a surprise triple elimination

The first episode of ‘MasterChef South Africa’ ended with an elimination challenge, leading to the eviction of three contestants.

Cooking show, MasterChef South Africa, had its long-awaited comeback on Monday evening, with local heritage food serving as the main focus in this new season. After suffering an eight-year haitus, last aired last in 2016 on M-Net, 20 new contestants graced the famous MasterChef aprons with hopes of claiming the R1 million prize.

The new season brought new judges along, which include chefs Zola Nene, Gregory Czarnecki, and food editor, Justine Drake, to aid with guiding and crowning the next MasterChef winner. The competition speedily dove into the thick of things, with the first challenge being an elimination challenge that left three contestants disqualified from participating in the competition.

The challenge presented was the mystery box and a pretty emotive one containing childhood pictures of the home cooks and their loved ones. The box also had in it rooibos, considered to be the tea ambassador, which the contestants had to utilize to make a starter dish. Gregory explained that the starter dish must take them back to their childhoods, and that they had only 60 minutes to complete it.

The home cooks sent packing after least impressing the judges were Sylvie, Lisa and Matthew.

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