Matorokisi: Makhadzi’s Producer “DJ Call Me” Called Out For Song Theft

South African singer, Makhadzis producer has been accused of song theft in a recent interview and the internet is buzzing based on this revelation. The song in question is the 2019 hit song “Matorokisi”, a song that trended for a very long time and is still regarded as one of the best offerings to come from her, .

Up and coming singer, Jackie Mahlo revealed in an interview that he produced the instrumentals used for the song and sent to DJ Call Me, with the expectation that he would either be compensated for it or get public credit for it when he is named as the producer of the song. Unfortunately, he was completely sidelined and never got what he expected.

In a recent interview, Mahlo said:

The guy only gave me R50 since we started working together on these sounds. The introduction is also mine and he even used my voice, but he is not giving me anything for my hard work. That is why I have lodged a complaint to their manager and [I am] pursuing the legal route.

The producer, DJ Call Me has since been mute about the issue and has refused to address it. The word from those close to him is that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong at all.

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