Matric: Sol Phenduka Intervenes in Girlfriend-Boyfriend Twar

Matric is one subject that you will most likely find South Africans discussing over and over again. So when a lady decided to use her boyfriend’s poor matric result to shame him publicly, she had Mzansi talking.

The controversy was so pronounced that it attracted the attention of Sol Phenduka of  Podcast and Chill. In a tweet, he had imagined what it feels like to share one’s matric with a girlfriend for work purposes only for her to weaponize it when you’re no longer an item.

As far as he’s concerned, that’s a big red flag. Many shared the same view.

The guy in question was grateful the lady had leaked his result because, according to him, it has opened more doors, and he now has more people he can do business with. You can check out the tweets below.

One tweeter appeared to share a thought many have in mind but were unable to express, which is that a poor matric result does not mean one would do poorly in life. In fact, she noted that many dropouts are millionaires and doing great in life.

Still, as many noted, the leak was a wake-up call not to trust their girlfriends with their matric results.

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