Matshepo Maleme “Rea” Exits ‘House of Zwide’

Mzansi actress Matshepo Maleme has reported left’s fashion drama “House of Zwide” as her character “Rea” gets written out.

Fans and viewers of’s hit fashion drama will be sad to know that one of their favourite characters, Rea, played by Matshepo Maleme, has been written out.

According to teasers shared on social media, Rea will be killed off in the episode that airs on Monday, 26 February. The teaser reads,

“Rea appears to be recovering well and has warm moments with Keletso and One before tragedy strikes. The cancer claims her life, leaving the Molapos devastated.”

The teaser further shares that the Molapos will be visited by everyone who wants to share their condolences.

PeepsWiz had previously reported about the possibility of Maleme leaving the show. The publication wrote, “Maleme might be dealing with health issues in real life, particularly brain cancer, which would fit with the plot of the show’s character.”

They also echoed viewers’ questions if her ill health would be a reason for her to leave and what would happen to her character. “Although Maleme’s health problems have not been formally confirmed as the reason for her departure from the series, fans are making assumptions about what will happen to her character, Rea Molapo.”

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