Matthew Perry’s Scary Moment With Ex-Fiancé

American-Candian actor Matthew Perry might be dead but the controversies surrounding his life are ever living, walking tall, as the public debates his affairs when he was alive.

It has just been reported that at some point while alive, he got into an altercation with his ex-fiancé and ended up throwing a coffee table at her. Molly Hurwitz is not the only woman who faced a side of the actor that many people were unfamiliar about.

Allegedly, he was also abusive to his other girlfriends. But much of his conduct then did not come to until until after his death. Apparently moat ladies were more confident speaking out after his death.

In the case of Molly Hurwitz, per a recent report by the Daily Mail, he had thrown a coffee table at her after she questioned him about teaching. The incident, shared by sources close to her, reportedly took place in 2021, exactly two years before Perry’s death, and a year after they got engaged.

A different source claimed that Molly Hurwitz broke up with Perry following a fight they had on Valentine’s Day 2021. Perry isn;’t here to share his side of the story, so the public may not have a balanced view of what went down.

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