Mayo Song: Gemini Major Taking Legal Action Against Cape Town City FC

Mzansi rapper and record producer Gemini Major is set to take legal action against Cape Town City FC for using his song “Mayo” without permission.

The said song featured Gemini Major’s pals and associates DJ Speedsta featuring Yung Swiss, Tellaman, and Frank Casino. In a now-deleted video, the Cape Town club used the beat to the song while announcing their latest signing Mayo.

DJ Speedsta had earlier alerted the public that the club used the song without permission and bid the club take down the video ― which it did. In another update, he indicated that a different version of the song was used by the club for their announcement.

For his part, Gemini Major made it clear that he cares not at all whether the club played a different version of the song of took down the video they made of the song. He insisted the song is his, and his tights having been violated, he’d see to it that his legal team presses charges against the club.


What do you think of Gemini Major’s plants to take legal action against Cape Town City FC? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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