Mbalenhle Mavimbela (Hlomu) Bids Farewell To “The Wife”

After a brilliant run, whether on a show or a TV series, it is usually hard to say goodbye or let go. This reality plays out again and again, leaving people emotional, That’s what’s just happened with actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela, who played Hlomu in the soaraway series The Wife.

The show is coming to an end and Hlomu the wife is exiting. It had been a long and fulfilling journey for her, especially so because when she popped in as Hlomu at the outset, there was some opposition from fans of the book from which the series was adapted.

Their grouse back then was that she doesn’t fit the description of the character in the book. Despite the initial position, she had gone on to put up a sterling performance in all the episodes she appeared in, winning some of her critics over. And now, with news of her exit popping all over the place, some people are emotional.

For her part, regarding the success of her character, Mbalenhle Mavimbela (Hlomu) attributed it not just to her acting skills but to the contributions of other actors as well. After all, the sum of all acting was what made The Wife the big success that it was and a favourite among South Africans.

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