Mbali Ngiba Apologises Over Heated Altercation With Hotel Security

Mbali Ngiba has apparently kust realised that she erred in her behaviour recently and has publicly apologised for it.

The genesis of the whole drama was her getting into a public spat with a hotel security man. She was so miffed at the time that she insulted the security’s position and earnings in life.

She mocked his poor salary and the fact that he was working as a security man because he had no better qualifications. Those words ignited condemnations from a  section of the public.

Some social media users lectured on on the vitality of not looking down on other people and how life can take a massive turn and change people’s fortunes – for good or ill.

Anyway, after days of silence, Mbali Ngiba may have realised that she erred in her action after all. So she had taken the trouble to own up to her mistakes and apologise accordingly.

Taking to her official Instagram page, she had posted and noted in part: “I lost it, I don’t want to lie. The words that I used are not words that when I look at the video, I am proud that I used.” Interestingly, she has also deleted the video, so the link to it is broken.

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