Mbeki’s Big Warning Should The ANC Collapse

The crisis currently rocking the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has got former party leader Thabo Mbeki worried, and he’s of the view that South Africa might become ungovernable if the ANC should collapse.

The former president made this known while addressing ANC delegates in the Free State over the weekend.

As far as Mr. Mbeki is concerned, the ruling party is too big and too influential and cannot afford to fail. If the party should collapse today, completely cease to exist, then chaos might take over.

Therefore, according to him, the ENC should sort out its problems Free State co-operative governance and traditional affairs MEC Mxolisi Dukwana should continue to be in charge but so the ANC should continue its programs of service delivery to the people.

He delved into the history of the ANC but without detail, noting that the party, since its founding, has been committed to serving the South African people. So the party leaders should make it a duty to ensure that the party continues to march on.

The best way to renew the party, he insisted, is by members first renewing themselves, as individuals and as leaders. It remains to be seen if party members will listen to his injunction.

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