Medical Parole Saga: Department Of Correctional Services To Appeal Zuma Judgment

South ’s Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) recently quashed the medical parole granted to former president Jacob Zuma and ruled that he should be tossed back into the slammer.

It was a disappointing end of a case for the former president, who is embattled on many fronts following his ouster as leader of the Rainbow Republic.

Zuma had been granted medical parole thanks to the influence of one of his loyalists and former police boss, Arthur Fraser. He was convicted of contempt of court and had served two of his 15-month sentence when he was granted parole on medical grounds.

In its ruling, though, the SCA had faulted the medical parole granted the former president, ultimately recommending that he should return to prison from when he came.

However, in a new twist to the case, the South African Department of Correctional Services (DCS) had made it clear that it will appeal the SCA judgment that recommended Zuma be returned to prison.

The man behind all the drama, Zuma, had not said anything yet in person. Much of the drama that ultimately culminated in the ruling recommending his return to prison stems from his refusal to appear before the State Capture Commission.

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