Medication & Alcohol: Hillsong Adduces Reasons for Brian Houston Popping in a woman’s Room

Pastor Brian Houston is in the spotlight again, for all the wrong reasons. The Hillsong Church pastor, a married man, was said to have spent about 40 minutes in a room with a woman.

During Hillsong’s annual conference in Homebush, New South Wales, in 2019, Houston was said to have been drinking with his cronies. Later that evening, partially stoned and without his key, he’d ended up knocking at the “wrong door, a woman’s, and she opened to him.

There was no indication that any sexual activity took place during that encounter in 2019. The woman in question hasn’t said he touched her in any way.

But the Hillsong board was sufficiently moved by the incident and the corresponding complaints to launch an investigation and then issue a statement.

The board apologized unreservedly for the incident and noted that the pastor had been dependent on his medications which, at the time of the incident, he’d used with some alcohol and was somewhat disoriented.

Previously, the same pastor was said to have flirted with a staff member of Hillsong via text message. The staff member had resigned from her post soon after. For a while after her exit, she couldn’t find employment, and Hillsong compensated her by paying her salary for a couple of months.

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