Mediocre Wig, DJ Naked “Fight” And All: Khanyi Mbau In The Eyes Of Young, Famous & African Viewers

Young famous and is the latest reality show to come to Netflix, and fans are already hooked. The cast comprises eight prominent figures from Africa, including Mbau.

So far, for most viewers, Mbau has been the centre of attention. She’s rich; she’s long on good looks, and she isn’t averse to speaking her mind. Also, because she always turns out sartorially elegant, she’s been called the queen of bling on the set.

However, the international audience hadn’t been impressed by the weaves on display. Mbaus and the other ladies on the show have been the boot of jokes, with the international audience scoffing at the “poor quality” wigs on display.

It’s not all about the wigs and criticisms, however. Mbau still had most of the audience nodding for her, especially when she had a little “fight” with DJ Naked. Some viewers loved it and joked about how similar the two are.

Mbau’s advice to black women to love themselves has generated contemptuous caterwauls. According to her critics, she’s not fit to share that advice, having bleached herself white.

Khanyi has no apologies, just as she doesn’t care if her Zimbabwean lover Terrence Mushonga is a fugitive.

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