Meet Controversial Minister Zama Ngcobo Previously Dated

There is no end to surprises when it comes to dating. At least this much manifests every other day around us, with the latest example coming from none other than reality show star Zama Ngcobo.

it has just been revealed that the actress previously dated South Africa’s police affairs minister Bhekli Cele. Mr. Cele is easily one of the most controversial ministers in South Africa at the moment, in the news almost all the time.

If he isn’t being called out for the crime rate in South Africa, his resignation or sacking is being sought by those who think he isn’t quite good at his job. But that’s by the way.

The news that she previously dated the minister is a bit of a surprise to a lot of people, who were clearly not aware of that bend in her life before now. Interestingly, the actress wouldn’t share more details about his relationship with him. Bheki Cele would not speak publicly about his relationship with her either.

Anyway, that chapter of Zama Ngcobo’s life appears to be closed at this point, with her having gotten into a relationship with someone else. Of course, life must go on – with old partners or with new ones.

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