Meet Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish’s Alleged New Boyfriend

Life must go on, and so must love, apparently. Maybe that was why Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Saul Bellow noted in one of his novels there is always another dear waiting near when the dear disappears. So what’s the point of all this? Your fave Billie Eilish has got a new boyfriend in Jesse Rutherford.

For many, though, the relationship thing is still a rumour. But who is this bloke Jesse Rutherford? Tag along as we tell you what we know.

  •  Jesse Rutherford is 31 at the time of writing, which makes him exactly about a decade older than Billie Eilish and had known her since she was 15. This vast age gap between the two has been a source of concern and conversation to fans of both. At any rate, the age gap thing is nothing new in American pop culture.
  • He is the lead singer of the rock collective The Neighbourhood, famous for several songs, including “Sweater Weather,” which is available at the end of this post.
  • Jesse Rutherford had previously dated Devon Lee Carlson.
  • Besides music, Jesse Rutherford is also an actor and played a role in the flick  Ted Bundy.
  • His relationship with Billie Eilish may have just become public. But the two had been photographed together as early as August this year.

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