Megan Fox Confesses to Blood Drinking Ritual With Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly

In what might strike many as an extreme show of devotion, Megan Fox had confessed during a sit-down that she and her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, drink each other’s blood. 

If you’re puzzled by that revelation, you probably haven’t been paying attention. Long before that revelation, MGK had revealed just how extreme their covenant was when he indicated that he got her a ring that would hurt her and make her bleed if she should decide to remove it. 

On their blood covenants, Megan Fox clarified that it’s not exactly what most people think. They only consume drops of each other’s blood at most. 

Also, according to her, the action isn’t random but done for ritual purposes. She made this revelation in an interview with Glamour Magazine United Kingdom. She also revealed other practices she’s engaged in to include astrology, meditation, and metaphysics. 

Megan Fox’s revelations are certainly nothing novel in the music industry. Speculations about other musicians engaging in the same practices are common. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly just happen to be bold about the path they have chosen in their relationship. 

It remains to be seen how long they’d remain together and sustain the same practices. Stay tuned.

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