Megan Fox On Meeting MGK For The First Time

Actress Megan Fox has made an interesting revelation about her current partner Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly): She never knew he was until they worked together. 

She made this revelation during a recent interview with Glamour UK. She described the songster and actor as her perfect mate and that she’s been manifesting him since she was 4.

According to her, MGK elected to sign up for the flick Midnight in the Switchgrass. Along the line, he wanted to back out, but his manager and other aides reminded him that Megan Fox was in the movie and that he had planned to see her all along. After the reminder, he was like, “Ah, I gotta catch that flight.”

In contrast, Megan Fox noted she had no clue why she decided to sign up for Midnight in the Switchgrass. But, within her, she knew she had to do it. 

During table read, she was told there was a character that was yet to be cast, and when she asked about it, she was told it was Machine Gun Kelly. The name sounded somewhat familiar.

Anyway, the two of them somehow got closer and they have been inseparable since, charming and intriguing people in the extreme ways of their devotion, including drinking each other’s blood. 

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