Melanie Iglesias Accuses Jennifer Lopez Of Relationship Stunt

It is no longer in doubt that people are willing to do a lot of things to promote themselves and their work. Greater attention is usually paid to such when a celebrity is involved.

Jennifer Lopez stands as an example if a revelation by the model Melanie Iglesias is to be taken seriously.

During an appearance on the No Chaser podcast, Melanie claimed that Jennifer orchestrated a relationship illusion with fellow actor Ryan Guzman. The goal was simply to promote their flick, “The Boy Next Door,” by giving the illusion they were dating.

Melanie Iglesias also claimed that Jennifer went to great lengths to project this, from glamorous afterparties to walking hand in hand. It was all a face for promotion.

Well, at the time of writing, Jennifer Lopez had not responded to the claims by the model. Whether she would respond it not is unclear. But the message has been shared and is out there.

Anyway, she wouldn’t be the first to carry out such a stunt – again assuming one would take everything Melanie Iglesias said as fact. And you can bet she wouldn’t be the last either.

As one fan of Lopez pointed out, the important thing is that she didn’t break any law. Oh, well…

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