Melinda Ferguson Lists Suspects of Rapper’s Murder

Mzansi is furious as Melinda Ferguson, author of “When Love Kills” lists her suspects of AKA’s murder.

Since the release of her new book “When Love Kills” Mzansi has been talking about Melinda Ferguson. The family of AKA announced that they distanced themselves from the book, writing,

“We are not in any way associated with Melinda Ferguson’s book and we do not endorse it. In the same breath, we distance ourselves from the contents of the book. When Melinda reached out to us, we respectfully and rightfully declined to contribute to her book.”

“At this stage, we cannot give any further comment on the book as we are unaware of its contents. We do however find the intended publication of the book and the timing distasteful and opportunistic.”

A recently shared video sees Ferguson publicly naming her list of suspects in AKA’s murder, live on Cape Town Talk radio. The video was shared by Twitter (X) @ThisIsColbert and captioned:

“AKA made a lot of enemies in his life, Melinda Ferguson names suspects in the killing of Kiernan: (1). Beef w/ Cassper (2). Burna Boy (3). Club underworld mafia (4). Owed okes money (5). GBV women activists hired inkabi.”

Furious fans slammed her in the comments. @thandomasanabo reacted, “One thing about white people? They will write a book ke sana.”

@TebogoDitshego replied, “The borders on defamation of character. Very irresponsible speculations. What’s so difficult with allowing the law to take it’s course since suspects have been arrested?”

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