Mellow & Sleazy’s Bopha Ft. DJ Maphorisa Is Certified Platinum.

It’s a happy moment for South African music duo Mellow & Sleazy, as their DJ Maphorisa-featured song “Bopha” has been certified platinum.

Reaching platinum is no easy easy feat, especially in South Africa’s music industry. So it means a lot to the two friends to finally get that certificate.

In a recent post to Instagram, Sony Music South Africa had congratulated the two friends, as well as the guests featured on the song for a job well done. It appears like a great way to end the year for Mellow and Sleazy, who are but recent manifestations in South Africa’s music orbit.

It has been a good year for mellow and Sleazy. Not only have they dropped charming numbers, but they have also had the opportunity to work with some key figures in South Africa’s music space.

As the year tapers to a close, both feel fulfilled to have come so far and in a short time, too. In a post to Instagram, they had acknowledged the platinum certification and noted how important it was to their careers as musicians. Now, as far as they’re concerned, they’re now part of the “Platinum Boys” club.

Mellow &Amp; Sleazy'S Bopha Ft. Dj Maphorisa Is Certified Platinum. 2

Their joy is shared by their fans, who have been showering them with congratulations.

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