Men Of the Year Awards: MacG Is GQ Entertainer of the Year

This year, 2023, is ending on a grand note for South African podcaster MacG, who has just been honoured as GQ magazine’s Entertainer of the Year.

The mag shared about his win on its Instagram page while pointing out some of MacG’s milestones, including being the first and only podcast to date to fill the SunBet Afrena in Pretoria.

MacG’s win has split some social media users into camps, those in support of his win and have been celebrating it, and those who are miffed that he was honoured in the first place.. The second group denounced him as nothing more than a misogynist, who should not have been honoured because he was “underserving.”

Of course, the opposition to the win will not surprise anyone who has been following MacG ever since he launched out s a podcast host. he is infamous for always speaking his mind, causing controversies every other day. But his abrasive personality has also worked well for his brand.

It gave his Podcast and Chill great visibility as well as a ready audience that has managed to remain loyal to this day. In fact, he has grossed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube – way more followers than many traditional stations in South Africa and beyond.

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