Mercha Official Website Crashes Following Big Rush For A-Reece Merch

A-Reece, The Boy Doing Things, is still out there doing things, as many South Africans found out recently. Mercha officially launched A-Reece’s merch on its official website and it crashed as fans of the celebrated rapper flocked to it to cop what they want.

The server was probably not primed to take heavy traffic. So it was unable to withstand the surge of fans eager to see what has been launched and how they can get it.

But the website crashing is seen by some of his fans as a flex because it shows that the rapper still had a dedicated following from the Slimes – as his fans are collectively called.

Around the world, now and then, this is the reality – websites crashing as fans thronged them to get merch from their favourite celebs.

In a post on its official Instagram page, Mercha showed off some of its designs to fans while letting them know the items available for preorder.

In a follow-up post, it announced that the website had crashed as a result of the surge in traffic. It apologised to fans while also letting them know work is in progress to rectify the issues.

For A-Reece, this might be an indication of his appeal as a musician.

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