Metro FM Music Awards: The Megacy Maintains AKA’s Stance On Music Awards

Just recently, it was announced that slain South African rapper AKA was nominated in several categories of the Metro FM Music Awards. He alongside Sjava had the most nominations. Ordinarily, this should be a cause for celebration, but his fans appear indifferent, maintaining a stance the songster had when he was alive.

AKA had noted previously, when he was nominated for the South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA), that he is now indifferent to the concept of awards and didn’t submit anything to the SAHHA. So he implored his fans to stop attacking the awards body because he didn’t submit anything.

So with his brutal killing in February and his nomination for the Metro FM Music Awards, his fans are like, what is this? The Supa Mega never submitted anything for the awards, so we, his fans, collectively called the Megacy, have no pleasure in the announcement of his nomination whatsoever. You can check out some of the opinions below.

AKA was killed outside a popular restaurant in Durban on February 10 in the company of his associates, including his former manager, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane. There is an investigation into the incident but his killers have not been found, a reality that has continued to anger his fans.

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