MFR Souls Are Trying To Bring Back The Old Piano Sound

Famous Piano duo MFR Souls say they are trying to bring back the old Amapiano sound.

The talented DJ and producer duo MFR Souls are one of many who have dominated the scene with hits and made a fortune from Amapiano. The genre has finally gone global, and the duo is still putting in work.

In an interview with TshisaLive, they said, “We are trying to bring back the old piano sound. Amapiano started with no vocals. It was just instruments and keys, so we are trying to bring back that feel.”

They also opened up about how the Piano movement has put food on many producers’ tables, including them, and how they’ve made money with it. “Amapiano was one of the genres whereby if you were really hungry, it was the fastest way to secure the bag. In that sense, we ended up having many producers which has happened before.”

They continued, “The dream that we had came true for us … now it’s an international thing. I think the subgenres that came after amapiano are the ones that helped boost it. It’s something that has been happening for years We can only do things up to a certain level. A fresher mind a fresher talent comes into place and produces something new right now,”

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