Mi Casa’s J’Something Celebrates 11 Years of Love With Wife Coco

Love is beautiful and the evidence is all around us. One man who would readily share that evidence with the world is the South African singer J’Something, who is currently celebrating 11 years of married life.

While J’Something’s relationship with his wife isn’t exactly a regular feature in the news, the two of them actually have a wonderful relationship and never hesitate to show how deep their bond runs.

In an industry where relationships collapse almost as soon as they start, J’Somethingnand his wife Coco have managed to create a bond that is the envy of many. And they are just as pleased with what they have created for themselves. It’s been 11 years together and they couldn’t be happier.

In a post on his official Instagram page, J’Something had given fans a peek into his relationship with Coco with whom he had created a special PJJDay – when they get to spend all day in their pyjamas. He is more than happy and blessed to have her in his life as his wife. You can check out his post below.

Mi Casa'S J'Something Celebrates 11 Years Of Love With Wife Coco 2

Well, as someone had noted in the comment to his post, congratulations are in order for the musician and his wife as they continue to serve couple goals.

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