Miano Flashes Brand New BMW Sport Car

Good times are here for Mzansi crooner Miano. The songster recently popped at a dealership and snapped a gleaming BMW sports car.

He shared a clip of the ride on his Instagram page, thanking his team at Miano Records, as well as his fans, for the support they have been giving him since he materialized on Mzansi’s music plane.

For one who has evinced great devotion to his art, Miano is doing pretty well. The new car will most likely encourage those who have been looking up to the songster not to give up in their pursuit of musical glory.

Miano’s Instagram page has been inundated with messages of congratulations from fans and fellow musicians alike. From the engagement the post elicited, it is clear Miano has a dedicated fan base. He calls his fans “Milanos.” Kinda funny, since they are not from Milan. Perhaps he should have considered “Mianos” for his fans?

By the way, last we checked this isn’t Miano’s first car. Well, it appears more whips just might pop in the songster’s garage as he plods to the acme of his career. Or what so you think?

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