Michael B Jordan Runs Into Former Bully, Calls Her Out

It has been said that life is a mystery and people we might not rate in the early days of their lives might end up great – maybe even being more renowned in life. Examples play out all around us all the time. We may have found another example in celebrated actor Michael B. Jordan, who recently ran into his high scholl bully at the red carpet.

A lot has changed since their school days and Michael is now a Hollywood big shot. He was promoting his latest movie when he ran into the lady who had bullied when they were back in school. He wasted no time in calling her out there and then.

The lady deny  but noted that inded they used to tease him because of his name. He bears the same name as an NBA player, hence the teasing. All That is over now and from their conversation, it is clear that she is proud he has grown into somebody. you can check out their encounter below.

As an actor, Michael B. Jordan has come a long way and featured in several memorable flicks, including “Black Panther,” which is one of the most loved movies out there

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