Microphone Hurling Incident: Police Investigating Cardi B

Cardi B Glitters In Outfit by South Africa’s  Gert Johan Coetzee

Cardi B is currently under investigation following an incident in which she hurled a microphone at a fan during a concert.

It was swelteringly hot and, according to reports, Cardi B had asked her fans to pour water on her and the DJ. A fan took the call too far and poured a drink on her from what appeared to be a paper cup. The action apparently didn’t sit well with the “WAP” rapper, who threw her microphone at the person.

The microphone missed its target and landed on someone else – two persons, according to some reports. However, at the time of writing, only one person had filed a case against her.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a woman had contacted them to report a battery. The department noted that the victim affirmed that she was attending a concert on 29 July 2023, at a property located in the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard when the incident occurred.

The name of the woman who reported the songstress has not been given. The incident and the current charges against Cardi B have divided netizens, with some saying she did well to respond the way she did and the lady should have understood and not filed charges against her.