Mihlali Ndamase Allegedly Has A New Boyfriend, Scott Sakupwanya

Beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase is rumoured to be dating Zimbabwean billionaire Scott Sakupwanya.

Mihlali N’s relationships are what everyone has been talking about this year. The famous influencer dominated every space with her romance with Leeroy Sidambe. However, the end of their relationship has also been very publicized as much as their sweet romance.

Reacting to the news that he went on a vacation without her, she wrote,

“I left that person in October. Ndine peace.”

She also posted and deleted that Sidambe owes her money.

“Don’t post in Dubai like your (sic) bosses when you owe me, bandla. Talking about catching feelings, who was coughing up money in Mexico when your card was declining? Lol don’t try me.”

Fans have been shocked by this revelation because Leeroy used to buy her expensive gifts. Musa Khawula recently revealed Scot Sakupwanya as Mihlali’s alleged new boyfriend. He wrote,

“Meet Mihlali Ndamase’s new man: His name is Pedzisayi “Scott” Sakupwanya. Scott is a Zimbabwean member of parliament representing Mabvuku Tafara constituency. Scott is also a gold dealer and features prominently in the Al Jezira documentary ‘Gold Mafia’ as one of the top gold looters out of Zimbabwe. Scott is also very close to Zimbabwean President; Emerson Munangagwa.”
Mihlali Ndamase Allegedly Has A New Boyfriend, Scott Sakupwanya 1

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