Mihlali Ndamase Celebrates Quitting Alcohol, Says She Is At her Happiest & Most Productive

For many, alcohol is like a refuge and means of escape and unwinding. Despite the reported dangers of alcohol, including liver cirrhosis, people still raise their hats for the brew. But then, people also experience turning points, a detachment from alcohol, and they cannot but notice their lives better turns without alcohol.

That’s exactly the case with South African beauty influencer and YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase. She is known to be on the side of the bottle, But she recently took a decision to stop drinking, and she was able to stick to that decision for a month.

Now, that’s one triumph worth celebrating, and she celebrated it on her Instagram Story. With alcohol out of the way, she noted that she is at her healthiest, happiest, and most productive without alcohol.

She also noted that she hadn’t felt this good in a long time and the decision to quit alcohol was one of the best she had made in her life. Can you beat that? You can check out her post below.

Mihlali Ndamase Celebrates Quitting Alcohol, Says She Is At Her Happiest &Amp; Most Productive 2

With her detachment from alcohol, she joins a few other celebrities who have stopped dripping. A notable figure who had earlier taken the same decision is the rapper K.O.

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