Mihlali Ndamase Details How She Met Leeroy Sidambe, Their First Kiss, & More

If you are among those who have been curious about how Mihlali Ndamase met her boyfriend, Leeroy Sidambe, you’re in luck, as the beauty influencer has just shared details about it all.

Speaking about how she met her man, Mihlali noted that she was introduced to him by a friend who happens to be friends with the businessman, and things progressed quickly from there.

From having extensive video calls, they eventually met at a restaurant in Cape Town and had their first kiss. She confessed to having been charmed by him from the beginning — more like love at first sight. They have been inseparable ever since.

However, theirs also happens to be one of the most controversial celebrity relationships in South Africa. When they started dating, and it became public knowledge, it was revealed that Leeroy Sidambe was married and had kids with his wife.

This revelation set most members of the public against Mihlali, with many accusing her of being a husband snatcher. The crisis got so heated that Leeroy’s wife took him to court to force him to return the Range Rover he had gifted her but took back and gifted to Mihlali.

The beauty influencer appears indifferent to the criticisms of her relationship, though.

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