Mihlali Ndamase Erupts Against Ex-Boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe

It appears to be a big drama season for Leeroy Sidmabe, the erstwhile boyfriend of local broad Mihlali Ndama, as she is not only done with him but is telling him outright not to “try” her.

Mihlali recently revealed that her relationship with him was over, pointing out that she had broken up with him as far back as October this year. She had also pointed out in an Instagram post that she paid for their vacation in Mexico because his card was continuously declined.

She hinted that he was merely faking it while not necessarily having it. So far, according to her, he has not paid the debt from the Mexico trip.

Leeroy has not said anything about owing her from the trip, but reports indicate he wants her back based on what he shared on his Instagram Story.

But Mihlali is way out of his orbit – out and already dating a Zimbabwean politician.

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