Mihlali Ndamase Hails Prince Kaybee Over Going Against Black Coffee

Mihlali Ndamase praises Prince Kaybee over his twar with Black Coffee

Mihlali Ndamase hails Prince Kaybee over how he handled things with Black Coffee.

The Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee was something we didn’t see coming. In fact, we thought it would escalate to something bigger but that didn’t happen. However, it didn’t stop many from taking sides.

Beauty influencer and YouTuber, Mihlali Ndamase hailed the “Fetch Your Life” hit maker in a tweet for the way he handled the situation.

Prince Kaybee had called out ‘celebrities’ for thinking they know much from knowledge gotten off YouTube. He indirectly threw shade at Mzansi Disc Jockey, Euphonik.

However, Black Coffee replied Prince Kaybee asking if he is a celebrity. This led a lot of tweeps to labeling him a bully for coming for the “Uwrongo” singer and siding his friend.

Kaybee replied saying he didn’t see himself as one, and alleged that Coffee never liked him for winning a “Best Remix” award over him. Of course, the “SBCNCSLY” hit maker denied this questioning his source.

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