Mihlali Ndamase Roasted Over Comments On Men

has been severely criticized after she denounced men in a recent tweet.

The beauty influencer recently took to the platform to state that men are not good people. And the rain of comments started immediately.

Some of those who replied told her to stop putting all men into the same bottle because the supposedly bad men she had dated are not the same as the men out there, who are good.

The women weren’t left out. They also criticized the beauty influencer, making it known their men, husbands, fathers, etc are good people. You can check out her tweet below.

By the way, the recent condemnations follow the criticisms she received for celebrating a fellow YouTuber’s success. Some fans had criticized her for not saying anything when the YouTuber was being canceled for doing work supposedly reserved for women, only for her to start hailing him when he’d won.

This isn’t the first time has been roasted for her public posts, however. Back last year, amid the national looting and burning, she had asked in a tweet when they would be looting Mercs (Mercedes Benz). She had been forced to apologize after the tweet elicited national condemnation.

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