Mihlali Ndamase Shares Her Lip Filler Experience

Mzansi Beauty influencer, Ndamase has opened up about her experience with lip fillers.

We don’t know if you heard, but a little while ago, social media was agog with tweets about Mihlali’s botched lips. users accused the beauty influencer of “letting her insecurities” push her to change the way her lips looked.

Surprisingly, Ndamase kept mum all through. She has finally spoken out and told the story of what went wrong. According to the Mzansi celeb, she has always wanted the bridge on fuller lips. She also corrected the impression that this was as a result of an insecurity that she has.

According to her, she wanted to achieve a fuller lip, and she wanted to get it naturally. However, she decided to just buy it. Her first appointment left her lips looking botched even after weeks of doing it. She further revealed that she sought a different doctor who helped reduce it and achieve the lip she wanted. Check the video out below.

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