Mihlali Ndamase Spells Out What She Wants From Future Spouse

South African beauty influencer Ndamase knows exactly what she wants before saying “I do” to the man who might want to marry her. And poverty is not one of them.

A user recently noted that her client bought his wife a boat and scoffed at the fact that some people are still arguing over flowers. She ended her tweet by encouraging ladies to aim for the best.

Reacting to the post, Ndamase noted that’s exactly the she doesn’t believe in settling. She noted that there are men who go all out to please their women and she wouldn’t settle for a relationship with fewer charms.

Her thoughts provoked mixed reactions from tweeters, with most of the ladies endorsing her view and insisting they wouldn’t settle for less. There were some blokes spurring the same narrative as well.

Well, there were some users who questioned the narrative, though, wondering what the ladies who are asking for the best would bring to the table. Just a pair of boobs?

Anyway, Ndamase has never hidden her love for the soft life. She had previously dated Bandile Mbere of Major League. Also, she’s informed fans that she’s removed her IUD, leading to speculations she’s ready to have a child.

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