Mihlali Ndamase Talks Sobriety During Sit-Down With L-Tido

L-Tido is one of the South African musicians who have delved into the world of podcasting for one reason or the other, and he has been scoring some pretty cool interviews, the most recent being with the beauty influencer and socialite Mihlali Ndamase.

Mihlali who has been embroiled in controversies, most of which centred around her dating life and allegedly snatching of another woman’s husband, dwelled on several aspects of her life, including her relationship with alcohol. For most celebs, alcohol is a way of life and they have their swill wherever and whenever.

Of course, they do that despite knowing the downsides of taking alcohol, from liver cirrhosis to other issues. Anyway, during the interview, the beauty influencer acknowledged she had been a drunk of sorts. But then she made the conscious decision to ditch the bottle.

The decision to prioritise her health has started yielding positive results already, as she feels better, more energised and alert. What’s more? she has been receiving immense support from members of the public over her decision to ditch the bottle and focus on her health.

It remains to be seen how long she will hold to the hands of sobriety. Stay tuned.

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