Mihlali Ndamase’s Latest Video Reignites BBL Claims – Watch

The BBL rumours never stop for South African content creator and YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase. They erupt sporadically and are unlikely to stop anytime soon.

The rumour caught fire again after a clip of her at Rockets popped online. A Twitter user who shared the video of her at Rockets pointed out that derriere does not get filled from gym exercise but that the YouTube influencer must have done a BBL job.

Another noted that she thought the same as well because it looked obvious that Mihlali had done BBL, which stands for Brazilian butt lift – the latest rave among ladies eager to snag the randy rich.

But did she do a BBL? She had not addressed the rumours at the time of writing, which further fuels the speculation she’d done it. You can check out the clip below, as well as the reactions of some netizens.

While some tweeps have been alleging that she did a BBL job and criticising her, some of her fans are rising to her defence. According to some of them, if she did BBl, it is actually within her rights: The body is hers after all and it shouldn’t concern the public what she does with it

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