Mihlali Ndamase’s Lover Leeroy Sidambe Lambasted For Not Paying His Employees

For Mihlali Damas and her lover Leeroy Sidambe, the controversies never stop. Each person’s controversies and peccadilloes somehow bring the person into its orbit, and there is no assurance it will end anytime soon.

It has just been revealed that the controversial businessman has not been paying the security guards attached to his company, the Sakhile Ezweni Group. The case was first reported by City Press and gained traction immediately because of the identity of the lady Sidambe is dating.

Mihlali Ndamase is a beauty vlogger and influence and easily one of the most controversial in the South African space because of her choices, including her decision to date the businessman when she knew he was married with kids. Sidambe has even retrieved the Range Rover he gave his lawfully wedded wife and gave it to Mihlali, leading to even more controversy.

But all that appears to be in second place right now as the public debates why he should refuse to pay the people attached to his company from the South AFRICAN Social Security Agency (SASSA). Some South Africans are insisting that he should no longer be awarded government tenders since he has refused to do right by his employees

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