Mihlali’s Ex Leeroy Sidambe Erupts After Being Scammed – Details

Er, we can imagine Mihlali Ndamase somewhere right now giggling or drowning in laughter after news broke that her former lover Leeroy Sidambe has been scammed of a six-figure sum.

In a series of screenshots shared on the blog Maphepha Ndaba, the controversial businessman revealed that he was scammed of about R100k. He wanted to rent an apartment in the Bantry Bay area, one of South Africa’s plush neighbourhoods, for a one-night stay.

Ordinarily, it should have cost him just R18. However, he ended up paying R100k. This did not sit well with him when he discovered that he was scammed. With every effort to resolve the issue having failed, he has since vowed to recover his money, whatever it takes.

Leaked conversations also included screenshots of the villa in question and pay,meant made for Sidambe’s stay. You can check out the post below.

opinions are currently mixed over the whole dram, with some South Africvans wondering why he didn’t fo his “due diligence” before making payment to the other party.

Mihlali Ndamase has said nothing so far about the whole. But Mzansi has been making guesses about her reaction given her claim that she paid for her Mexico trip with leeroy when his card was declined and he hasn’t paid back since

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