Mike Tyson Eyes WWE Match With Logan Paul, Launches Tyson Pro Boxing Line

The iconic heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has expressed interest in participating in a WWE match with Logan Paul. In a recent interview with Forbes, Tyson shared his thoughts on various topics, including his post-boxing career, his new line of high-end boxing equipment, Tyson Pro, and his desire to wrestle Logan Paul.

Tyson and Paul have a history of calling each other out for boxing matches. With Paul recently signing a multi-year contract with WWE, the long-awaited matchup may still happen, just in a wrestling ring rather than a boxing ring.

Tyson stated, “Yes, I would beat his ass. “Despite the fact that I love him” Tyson made his first significant WWE appearance in 1998, when he joined the rivalry between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels.

In the interview, Tyson also discussed his post-boxing career, which includes his own cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, a popular podcast Hotboxin’, and his recently launched line of high-end boxing equipment called Tyson Pro. The brand, launched on April 21, features premium boxing equipment such as wraps, gloves, and mitts. Iron Mike has plans to expand the brand into developing MMA and pro wrestling equipment in the future.

Tyson shared insights on what makes a great boxing glove and the inspiration behind Tyson Pro. According to him, the key to an excellent boxing glove is “to be very comfortable and to have a great deal of confidence in the glove.” Tyson Pro aims to create the perfect puncher’s glove while providing ample hand protection. The former heavyweight champion noted that the glove is snug, ensuring minimal movement and reducing the risk of hand injuries.

Tyson also shared his thoughts on the importance of entertainment in combat sports, citing the influence of pro wrestling on his boxing persona. He said, The purpose is to entertain. Even the gloves, the custom-made mittens, are entertaining.  Tyson believes that boxing alone will not last, but entertainment will last forever. He believes that WWE and UFC place equal importance on entertainment and athletics, which is currently missing from boxing.

As Tyson continues diversifying his business ventures and growing his realm with Tyson Pro, a potential WWE match with Logan Paul would attract significant attention from fans and media alike. With Tyson’s charisma and experience in the ring and Paul’s newfound wrestling career, this matchup could prove to be a thrilling and entertaining spectacle for combat sports enthusiasts.

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