Mike Tyson Tells T.I On “ExpediTIously” That Tupac Was A Bolt Of Energy When He Visited Him In Prison

Mike Tyson reflects on the good old days when Late rapper Tupac visited him in prison

The boxing Champion, Mike Tyson recently recalled the time Late American rapper, Tupac came to visit him when he was in prison on the ExpediTIous Podcast hosted by American Rapper TI. The 53 year old Ex boxing champion described the Late rapper as been energetic in his words “He was just a bolt of energy”

Recall the Boxing Legend was arrested in 1991 for raping an 18 Year old female by the Name Desiree Washington and later released Three years before serving his full six year sentence. He took to the podcast to recall the memorable visit from his Late friend in his words;

All of a sudden he jumps on the table…The cops, the guards are looking at him and I’m like, come down, get down from there… He’s still up there and I say what’s wrong? Come down, please, get down! The guards in the prison didn’t like him cause when he came, the inmates got rowdy and pumped up. That’s like a safety situation there so they really didn’t like him

Mike Tyson and the late rapper has been friends for a while and the boxing legend in talking about his death said that Tupac was a young man chasing his dream and was unfortunate to have gone the way he did.

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