Miley Cyrus To Headline The Super Bowl’s Tailgate Celebrating Health Workers

The songstress is set to perform before healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. And she has made it clear she is excited about the prospect.

In an post, the celebrated singer confirmed she would be there at the Tailgate. She made it known she can’t wait to perform at the event scheduled to hold on 7 2020.

The “Midnight Sky” songstress will be performing before a throng of vaccinated healthcare workers at the Super Bowl LV Tailgate event which will precede the National Football League (NFL) match.

Miley Cyrus’s upcoming performance is a token of appreciation to healthcare workers who have been putting their lives on the frontline, according to the NFL commissioner, as quoted by E! News. The commissioner also expressed the hope the initiative would inspire the country to recognize the frontline workers for who they are: the true heroes.

Miley Cyrus’s announcement of her imminent performance has provoked a wave of excitement from her fans, most of whom have indicated they ca;t wait to see her perform in February.

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