Minister Gwede Mantashe Doubts De Ruyter’s Ability To Fix Eskom’s Problems

’s energy behemoth is plagued with problems. But that’s not exactly the news or even the question. What is? Could the man in charge of the body fix the company’s many challenges? That’s one question that has been flying about recently.

According to ’s Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe, Andre de Ruyter, Eskom’s current CEO, might lack the capacity to do the right thing.

The minister, who is also the national chairperson of the ruling African National Congress, compared Ruyter to a policeman who is busy “chasing criminals” but without the competence to fix the problems plaguing the power behemoth.

This isn’t the first time the minister is sharing his thoughts about Ruyter being unfit for the job, however. As early as July this year, he had shared similar sentiments, noting that the utility company needs a “fixer” and that Ruyter doesn’t fit the tag.

Although Ruyter holds an MBA, Mantashe still feels he’s not the man for the job because “technical machinery” requires “technical skills.” In other words, his opinions might have been different if the current CEO was an engineer.

It remains to be seen if the minister’s complaint would lead to the replacement of de Ruyter with someone with a technical degree and expertise.

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