Minnie Dlamini Comes Clean About Co-Owning Club

Minnie Dlamini has come clean about co-owning a nightclub in Centurion after months of announcing she had started a new business venture.

Imagine leading your fans on to make money. Well, that’s basically what famous celebrities do. Minnie Dlamini is the latest celeb who’s been caught in her own lie. The actress had announced a few months back that she had started a new business venture by co-owning a club.

The nightclub called, The Mansion is situated in Centurion near Pretoria. She announced its launch, leading fans to believe that it was hers. After she was recently accused of not owning the club, Dlamini has finally come clean.

After being accused of making those claims only to get traffic to the club, Dlamini came clean to City Press that she did not own the club. She said, “No, I’m not the owner.” That’s enough for fans to know they were right.

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