Minnie Dlamini Discuss Her Failed Skincare Brand In New Video Interview — Watch

For those who have been asking what happened to Minnie Dlamini’s skincare brand, MD by Minnie Dlamini, the media personality has shared some details during a recent interview.

In a sit-down with YouTuber Noni D, the much-loved media personality noted that she had liquidated the company. Life happened, she said, and she had to liquidate the brand and focus on other things.

As an entrepreneur, one gets to work with a lot of people and sometimes it doesn’t end well. Still, she noted the failure of the company was not the end of the world but a learning curve for her. She’s learned and moved on.

It only did she liquidate the company, she also cleaned ancillary services, including the brand’s Instagram account. The website was deleted as well.

However he was into the skincare industry with her MD by Minnie Dlamini brand, her products were available at some hovnend stores, including Shoprite.

Launched in 2019 in collaboration with Zeta Laboratories, MD managed just two years of life before disappearing from shelves and finally from the web.

It’s unclear if Minnie Dlamini would launch something similar in the future. For now she’s content to say she has learned from the failed business adventure.

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