Minnie Dlamini Dropping Jones Surname & Re-Adopting Her Maiden Name

It is no longer news that Minnie Dlamini and her husband Quinton Jones are divorced. However, in spite of their having gone their separate ways, she was still bearing the name of her ex-husband. No more. Following her divorce from Quinton, she changed her name on social media to reflect her maiden name.

But recent reports indicate she isn’t just content with the changes on social media but is keen to formalise her divorce and legitimise it all so she can go ahead with her life.

In this, she had the support of many South Africans, who are of the view that she get it done and move on to the next – whatever that means.

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton were among South Africa’s most-loved couples at some point, with many describing their relationship as the best and wishing to have something similar. However, when they released a joint statement in February of last year stating they were getting divorced but will remain friends and co-parent their only son, many were stunned. No one saw it coming.

While the reason for their divorce was not truly given, speculations were rife that Minnie had cheated on Quinton with a wealthy businessman – an allegation she denied.

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