Minnie Dlamini Posts Video 2-Year-Old Son Washing His Range Rover

Mzansi reacts lovingly as Minnie Dlamini posts a video of her two-year-old son washing his Range Rover.

You know how they say, “when you teach them at a young age, they will never forget it”? That’s the case for Minnie Dlamini’s latest TikTok video and why Mzansi is so proud of her.

The pretty mama loves to show off the man in her life, her adorable son Netha Jones. The boy may be born into money, but his mother is ensuring he does the little things for himself. Minnie shared a video of the 2-year-old washing his Range Rover.

The video has fast become a hit on TikTok, gaining over 126,000 views. It is the Range Rover Evoque Coupè Kids ride-on which retails for about R 5,4999. Some say the boy has a better ride than them. We agree. LoL. SA has hailed his mother for teaching him things like this at a young age.

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