Minnie Dlamini Reacts to Quinton Jones Reconciliation Rumours

Mzansi star Minnie Dlamini has reacted to rumours that she is back with Quinton Jones.

Months ago, Minnie Dlamini announced her separation from her ex-husband Quinton Jones. She wrote,

“I think the failure part is, on my part, from not being able to pick up what was right for me at a time before I went all the way … You know, in relationships you always know, when you look back, you’re like: ‘that was a red flag, and that was a red flag … you’re a red flag!’ I’m not pushing the blame in any way, shape, or form, but you’re either a red flag and you’re not acknowledging it, or they have red flags and you’re not acknowledging it.”

“I never imagined getting divorced. I always thought I would raise my kids the same way I was raised … I just felt like for me, timing was off, I felt like I didn’t know myself.”

Recently, there have been rumours about the couple getting back together. However, a recent report by Zimoja reveals that “The Honeymoon” star has refuted the claims. She said,

“I am not back with that guy, and I don’t even know who started this rumour. That chapter is closed and it will never be opened.”

She shared more info,

“We are still legally married but I have taken back the Dlamini surname. My ID is back to Dlamini.”

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