Minnie Dlamini Roasted Over Her Looks At “The Honeymoon” Premiere

People will always talk, and however hard you try, you cannot please everyone. This reality plays out again and again, and however one tries, one cannot run away from it. Actress Minnie Dlamini has just seen this play out in her life, once again, following the premiere of “The Honeymoon.”

The actress had shared pictures of herself she took during the premiere of her film “The Honeymoon.” Tweeps jumped on it almost immediately. According to some of her critics, she no longer looks beautiful following her divorce from Quinton Jones.

Until their shock separation, Quinton Jone and Minnie Dlamini were seen by many as the ideal couple. Such was the supposed depth of their relationship and bond that some young people mirrored them as examples of a relationship they would love to have.

And then, out of the blue, Minnie and Quinton released a joint statement in which they announced they were getting a divorce. No one saw it coming, so the impact was best imagined.

Anyway, both have moved on, and Minnie is still living life on her own terms. Despite the criticisms the picture generated, she is still out there, balling. It’s unlikely she would reply to those criticising her looks.

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