Minnie Dlamini Set To Renovate Her Mother’s House & Transform It Into Her Childhood Eden (Video)

For media personality Minnie Dlamini, life must go on and that includes shrugging away the fact that she is no longer Mrs Jones and just pushing ahead and doing things she has always wanted to do – things that make her happy.

And this includes renovating her parents’ home and transforming it into the childhood Eden she has always had on her head. True to her style, she wouldn’t just start the project but would love to take her fans along as she commences and ultimately completes the project,

In a recent post on her verified Instagram page, the mother of one had shared a clip of her entering the premises of Senosa, which prides itself as the home of decorative panels and products. In the caption to her post, she informed her fans that she was cooking something with the brand.

She also noted that she would be carrying her fans along as she makes the renovations. South Africans were chuffed by what they saw and expressed that they would love to see how the media personality completes the project.

Well, we will be here to share updates with you when Miniie eventually completes the project. Stay tuned if you please.

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